Welcome to Learning Matters

What was the old Learning Matters

Learning Matters offered a range of different services - all of which are free of charge to both individuals and businesses, and also to training providers, whose work is promoted via the Learning Matters website.

The Learning Matters website and associated services were funded by the North Yorkshire Learning and Skills Counci.

What did it do?

The building, maintenance and distribution of a database of learning opportunities is one of the key objectives of the Learning Matters project. This database holds details of full and part-time learning opportunities, short courses, supported open learning packages, bespoke training, training schemes for young people, education jobs further and higher education and adult and community education provision available throughout York and North Yorkshire. The database currently contains over 12,000 records and the quality and currency of information held on the database is our main objective.

What were their Services - For Training Providers

The Learning Matters database contained information from over 350 training providers who are based in York and North Yorkshire . All the learning opportunities offered by these providers are represented on the database.

Pride is taken in the fact that course records are current, comprehensive and consistent. This has led to the development of a rigorous updating procedure ensuring all providers are contacted at least twice a year. Information contained on the database is added according to regionally agreed standards.

An exciting new enhancement to our service is the development of a sophisticated real-time data management system which will allow us to publish information on the website as soon as we receive it from providers. This means that information about training opportunities can be made available to our service users much more speedily. We are also planning to enable providers to maintain their own data using a secure access into the system – if you are a training provider who would be interested in utilising this method of updating your information, please contact us.

If you are a provider of training or learning opportunities who is based in York and North Yorkshire and you are not represented on the database contact our database team on 01677 425900 or email learningmattersdb@lifeskillsintl.co.uk

The Learning Helpline

The Learning Helpline offers a free enquiry service to residents of York and North Yorkshire . Since this service started in January 1996 our team of advisers have dealt with over 50,000 enquiries. Information is provided on:

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